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Teeth Whitening: Homemade tips for small budget

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The first baby teeth, by nature temporary, are generally very bright and white. They’re also porous, unlike the adult teeth that will grow in late childhood and early adolescence and are most definitely more hermetic.  Natural teeth come in different shades, 16 in all as identified on the Vitapan shade guide. These shades can vary from white to off-white, and sometimes yellowish.
With aging the mineral structure of the teeth changes, the enamel becomes more porous and loses its shine, making it more vulnerable to stains from bacterial pigments, medication, tobacco, wine, coffee, tea and food.  Regardless of how well they’re brushed, the teeth age just like we do. And whether right or wrong, beautiful gleaming white teeth are associated with health, youth, and good hygiene.

In these days and age, focused on appearance and look, to have a perfect smile becomes an obsession for many.  Whatever we claim, we easily judge people on their appearance.   But what if one can’t afford the cost of a professional to whiten the teeth?  Or even the expense of the whitening treatments sold in stores?

True, the results of teeth whitening by a dentist are exceptional and almost immediate.  But it doesn’t mean that we’re condemned to a yellow smile if our budget is limited. There are homemade tricks to successfully whiten our teeth by a few shades.

First tip: replace your usual toothpaste with a whitening one.  Sold at practically the same price as regular toothpaste, the whitening ones will more effectively remove surface stains. Continuing use will also prevent new stains from shadowing your smile.  An easy homemade recipe: to avoid buying whitening toothpaste, just add baking soda to your regular one, you’ll get the same results.  Whitening teeth with baking soda is very effective because the bicarbonate acts as a mild abrasive agent to removes stubborn stains.

Second tip: You may occasionally brush your teeth with pure sodium bicarbonate mixed with a drop of hydrogen peroxide (peroxide water). The resulting paste can be used as toothpaste. Baking soda is a natural teeth whitener; the taste however, is questionable but we can flavor the mixture by adding a few drops of peppermint oil. Sodium bicarbonate acts as abrasive element to remove stains, while hydrogen peroxide whitens the teeth by oxidation process.

Third tip: you can rinse your mouth with a few drops of peroxide mixed with water.  By using this mixture as a mouthwash you make sure that the active ingredient reaches every corner of the mouth, penetrating the tooth enamel to help remove the stains.

These easy little tricks can bring surprising results when used together over a long period of time. Furthermore the products required come ridiculous cheap in any store. So there you have it; teeth whitening treatments that will brighten your wallet as well as your smile.  Homemade whitening mixture can bring extraordinary results! Try them!

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