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Whitening treatment by a professional: is this for me?

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If undertaking teeth whitening treatment at a dental clinic we of course look forward to spectacular results.  Because we expect the dentist to use better and more concentrated than those sold OTC.   Teeth whitening treatment by a dentist comes at a substantial cost, so we expect results accordingly.  The teeth whitening treatment by a professional is not only more efficient, it is also safer.  Discomfort and risks are minimized because dentists are subject to a strict protocol when it comes to treatment and monitoring.  Your mouth is safe!

Before a professional whitening treatment the teeth must be prepared. Cleaning and descaling eliminate all traces of rubble and residues.  The prepared surface will be more receptive to the whitening gel. Similarly, a cleaning will bring to light issues that could jeopardize the teeth whitening process; cracks in the enamel, tooth decay, gum problems. The whitening treatment can cause problems and irritation if the mouth is not healthy. It is the duty of the professional to properly evaluate a case before starting the whitening treatment.  The price and the quality of the whitening treatment can vary from one dentist to another.  It is worth shopping around for the best teeth whitening professional who also suit your budget.  And do not hesitate to ask for references. Your friends and acquaintances who underwent the same whitening treatment are your best advisors!

Before starting the teeth whitening treatment the dentist will generally take a picture. You can then compare to evaluate the progress and success. The professional will use a Vitapan shade guide to assess the progress of the treatment. We must realize, however, that for some shades of teeth, one cannon reach more than a certain degree of whiteness. The teeth cannot be bleached to infinity and the whiteness will never exceed the natural color of the dentin. We must therefore be realistic in our expectations.

No everyone is a good candidate for teeth whitening:

• Peoples with hypersensitive teeth, either to hot or cold, can increase the problem tenfold after a whitening treatment.  For peoples with sensitive teeth the dentist may recommend a less intensive treatment spread over a longer period of time. The rate of hydrogen peroxide will be reduced to insure comfort.

• Some stains are resistant to teeth whitening treatments. In such cases, the tooth will whiten around the spot but the stain remains, even more apparent because of the contrast with the surrounding whiteness.

• Peoples who have teeth with a transparent color are not good candidates for teeth whitening treatment based on hydrogen peroxide gel. The professional will recommend a different type of technology. The transparency of the teeth can appear with age.

The teeth whitening treatment in a dental clinic is safe and effective.  It is considerably more expensive when compare to the teeth whitening kits sold in stores but it is a worthy investment in yourself; because of the results you’ll get while preserving the well-being of your mouth!

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