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What are the professional teeth whitening options available to you?

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Do not stop smiling because of your teeth; whether they’re damaged, misaligned, cracked, or discolored, there are professional solutions to restore your beautiful smile. Among the reasons to consult a dentist whitening our teeth comes at top the list for many people. Of course there are plenty of OTC products to whiten the teeth, but dentists definitely hold the lead when it comes to bring the shine back to your teeth and make them as sparkling as they used to.  If your yellow teeth affect your self-esteem, it is time to consult.

Here are the teeth whitening options available from the dentist:

The use of a whitening gel:  It is the most common option. The dentist takes an imprint of the upper and lower jaws and then makes a mold of your teeth that will be used to shape splints perfectly tailored to your mouth.  For about 6 weeks or more, depending on the state your teeth, you will have to fill the splints with whitening gel and then apply against your teeth for a period of time determined by the dentist according to the strength of the product used. The teeth whitening gel used by dentists is much more concentrated than the OTC gel, triggering faster results.  After the dentist shows you how to properly perform the teeth whitening treatment you will continue at home, with regular monitoring by your dentist.  The treatment stops when the right shade is achieved but can be resumed periodically according to need.

Laser whitening: very similar to the bleaching gel. The difference is that the treatment can only be provided by a dentist and may require up to four sessions the teeth are stained and yellowed. You will wear the splint filled with whitening gel and once the mucous membranes well insulated, a laser light is used to activate the whitening gel. This treatment is very effective because the teeth can be whitened by several shades in just one hour or less.  However this whitening treatment is more expensive due to the cost of the required equipment.

Teeth whitening by facelift: When the teeth cannot be whitened as desired, or are too damaged to undergo a whitening treatment, the dentist may suggest a dental facelift consisting in the application of porcelain veneers over the teeth.  The advantage is that the finish can be as white as we want it to be and the process also allows correcting other problems such as teeth misaligned, cracked or damaged.

Whatever the selected treatment, your teeth will first undergo thorough cleaning, scaling and polishing before the whitening process begins.  This will allow the whitening gel to react better, and porcelain veneers to properly stick to the teeth.

Only your dentist can determine the whitening process best suited to you and your needs. If budget is no object then the technique of laser whitening is the choice providing the most dramatic results. And since it can be completed in four sessions at the most, the side effects of tooth sensitivity won’t last as long as a daily treatment undergone for 6 weeks.

But regardless of the chosen technique chosen, regular monitoring by a professional dentist will ensure that it is performed according to safety rules and will bring the best possible results.

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