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Contraindications to teeth whitening

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Who wouldn’t want to have perfectly white and sparkling teeth?  Striving to have a perfect mouth is a natural answer to increasing social pressures. The magazines are full of smiles showing perfectly aligned white teeth.  So to be at ease in their personal and social relationships, some peoples will feel the need to fix their teeth.  The option of teeth whitening is attractive but before rushing to the dentist and invest hundreds of dollars in the process, we must reflect on the reasons that lead us to consider a teeth whitening treatment. The treatment is not for everyone and there are several contraindications. Whitening our teeth is not completely safe.

• Teeth whitening treatments are not recommended for children under 16 years of age. Whitening procedures can damage the pulp and nerve of the tooth, the young ones’ dentition having not reached maturity yet. Bleaching is not recommended for pregnant women either. It is recommended to wait until after delivery and after the end of the lactation period (if you choose to breastfeed), to undertake a teeth whitening treatment.

• People allergic to hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide should not consider a teeth whitening treatment, as these are the basis of almost all whitening process available on the market. When in doubt, it is strongly recommended to test the product on a small area of the skin prior to initiating the treatment. The mucous membranes are very sensitive to the penetration of the products used. So if you are allergic you should especially avoid contact with the mucous membranes.

• People who suffer from gum disease should not undertake a teeth whitening treatment. Same thing for people whose gums are retracted and he roots of the tooth exposed. If the teeth are decayed or cracked, the whitening gel can penetrate into the tooth and cause sensitivity.

• If the teeth were repaired with white composite material that area will not react to the bleaching gel.  If you have crowns and/or white repairs, we must therefore expect that the whitening won’t be even.  If you have the option, it is best to whiten your teeth and then repair them. Ask your dentist for available options should your teeth already have repairs.

• The whitening treatment is not recommended if your expectations are excessively high. If you seek teeth like those a movie star but the dentin of your teeth is naturally yellow; you may be disappointed.  When it’s possible, it still takes time to achieve the desired results. And it also takes efforts.  For example, smoking, daily consumption of red wine, tea and coffee, are factor that can delay the onset of results.  It is necessary that we behave is such a way that it eases the treatment to put the odds on his side and get the best results.

It is wiser to talk to your dentist before embarking on a teeth whitening treatment.  His/her expertise and knowledge will lead you to the most effective treatment according to your specific needs.

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