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To keep teeth whitening safe

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Tooth whitening has become very popular in a short period of time. This is an industry that generates average revenues of $ 1 billion yearly. For this reason the market is flooded with hundreds of different brands all boasting their product provides the fastest results, and to give you the whitest teeth in practically no time; of course without pain or side effects. It is therefore tempting to take the plunge and try one of the many products available on the market. But how can we find the right trail in this jungle of products and promises? How do we choose a whitening treatment both effective and safe?

All teeth whitening products don’t contain the same concentration of active ingredient. This active element, hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, can be found in proportions ranging from 10% to 20% or more, depending on whether the product is available OTC or is provided by a professional dentist. We must therefore keep the fact in mind when choosing a product because the more concentrated it is, the larger the risk of side effects.  So it is wise to start with a small format, to make sure you tolerate the product without problems. If all goes well you can they try a more powerful product, or a larger format. If you feel your gums are growing more sensitive to hot or cold teeth, it is best to turn to a product with lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (or carbamide peroxide). The results may take longer, but your mouth will never look better!

The results are faster with a higher concentration of the whitening agent, but you’ll also have to live with the discomfort. It is essential to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Do not leave the product in the mouth longer than recommended for it signals that the product has achieved its maximum efficiency.  It is therefore pointless to leave the product in the mouth longer than instructed. Only your irritated mucous membranes will suffer for no purpose at all. It is not recommended to eat or drink within 2 hours after a whitening treatment. This is essential to achieve good results and to protect your teeth. Ideally, you should perform the treatment in the evening, after brushing your teeth for bedtime.

The use of teeth whitening on infants should be avoided. Baby teeth are more porous than the adult ones and a treatment too intense can damage them.  Since the baby teeth are only temporary, there is no point in submitting them to a whitening treatment, they won’t stay long and will soon be replaced.  The products contained in some whitening treatments are not suitable for children. For slightly older children whitening toothpaste is enough. No need to use strips or gels with splints. It would be useless and harmful.  Basic dental cares are sufficient for children. Having the whitest teeth is actually an adult obsession!

There are contraindications to use teeth whitening products in the cases of pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children under the age of 16.   The instructions on the manufacturer’s label must be carefully read and the warnings heeded.  The results are not consistent for all.  Peoples with white composite fillings, with overly stained or unevenly colored teeth, or suffer from oral health problems, may be disappointed by the results of the whitening treatment. It’s important to keep realistic expectations about the efficiency of teeth whitening products.  Natural teeth come in a multitude of shades and some are just not naturally bright white.  In some cases, months of treatment won’t bring a miracle about.  Once the natural color of the tooth is reached, the treatment must stop to avoid damaging the teeth or mouth.  A consultation with your dentist is the best mean to get a realistic picture in your case. Even if one chooses to make a teeth whitening treatment at home, the dentist can still provide information on the performances of the various brands and suggest the one better adapted to your situation. Do not hesitate to seek advices!

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