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How to choose whitening toothpaste

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There have been many studies on the effectiveness of the various toothpastes available on the market, some specific to whitening toothpastes. In the case of those considered most effective changes in the appearance of teeth can occur in as little as two weeks when used twice a day. In North America, the American Dental Association and the Canadian Dental Association, test and approve dental products such as toothpaste and mouthwash. Choosing a product that bears their seal of approval guarantees quality so you know the product is safe as well as effective.

Here’s what to look for when shopping for whitening toothpaste:

• We must take the recommendations of the American and Canadian Dental Associations very seriously.  The products have been tested before being approved. In general the products approved by these associations show a logo on the packaging or even mention the recommendation. If in doubt consult your dentist. He/she knows the approved products best suited to your particular needs.

• The teeth whitening qualities of any product are directly related to the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, or abrasive cleaners found in toothpaste. The OTC products contain up to 10% peroxide, while professional products available from the dentist can offer a much higher concentration. The results also depend on how long the product remains in contact with the teeth. If you use toothpaste twice or even three times a day and you brush your teeth long and well enough the results will be more pronounced than if you brush quickly once a day.

• Ideally, use whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth. The use of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide can cause sensitivity to heat, cold, or both. Toothpaste for sensitive teeth will reduce the side effects of the whitening treatment.

If your teeth are stained, yellowed, brown or gray, whitening toothpaste alone will not suffice to erase years of stains and food rubbles.  A parallel treatment with strips or a whitening gel may be necessary to reach the desired results.

When shopping for whitening toothpaste keep in mind that unlike teeth, white repairs in your mouth, crowns or veneers do not whiten. The material used for repairs will not be affected by the bleach. If you have a lot of white repairs in your mouth, teeth whitening might be uneven.

Before starting to use whitening toothpaste you’ll benefit from a professional teeth cleaning at the dentist. A good descaling and polishing prepare the surface of the tooth to react effectively to the active agent of the whitening product. The results will be more pronounced if your teeth are clean before starting any whitening treatment.

Buying whitening toothpaste requires special considerations because it is different from ordinary toothpaste. If you are guided by your dentist and use a product adapted to your situation and specific your needs, the results will come along the road.

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