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Why choose a professional to whiten your teeth?

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There are two ways to whiten your teeth. The first is to go to your local store and choose whitening toothpaste and whitening kit with gel or strips.  You must then brush your teeth religiously with toothpaste, and use the gel or strips for several weeks as recommended by the manufacturer.  The second option is to go to the dentist and have him help you pick the professional treatment that will provide the best results for your teeth. With professional treatment you do not have to wait weeks to start seeing results. Some treatments, such as laser teeth whitening, sometimes require a single session to achieve lasting result.

What can we expect from a teeth whitening treatment at the local dentist? If you favor the professional option, you choose the safest way to get white teeth. Under the dentist’s supervision the process will be closely monitored and any side effects reduced and even eliminated. The dentist knows your mouth, the flaws and qualities of your teeth. He/she is in the best position to guarantee results without collateral damage. Of course, the cost of teeth whitening treatments at the dentist is higher. It could range from $ 500 to $ 800 for the duration of the treatment. However you must keep in mind that some OTC whitening kits are not cheap either.  In comparison, tooth whitening at the dentist is not necessarily prohibitive.

The products used by a professional dentist are also more effective.  The concentration of active agents is superior to what’s found in products sold in stores. The whiteness of the teeth can be improved by several shades in just one treatment. In addition, a whitening treatment applied by the dentist can last up to two years before needing to be reapplied.  We must remember however, that if we don’t change our lifestyle (coffee, tea, red wine, etc..) the stains may reappear, regardless of whether you had your teeth whitened by a dentist or used a kit at home .

If you suffer from serious teeth or mouth problems, it is possible the dentist will recommend you to avoid a teeth whitening treatment. If you have gum problems, cracked or damaged teeth, a whitening treatment could be harmful.  Professional treatment guarantees a degree of safety you won’t have if you chose an OTC whitening treatment and proceed without having a professional exam first.  A teeth whitening treatment performed by a dentist also ensures that the product used (the whitening gel) is of good quality, and that the application will be made evenly throughout your teeth. The splints that hold the gel will be produced from an exact mold of your teeth.  It is not the case with gutters sold in stores that you have to adapt yourself, as well as possible, to the shape of your teeth.   Costs of teeth whitening treatment vary from a dentist to the next so it’s wide to shop around before making your choice.  A competent and well trained dentist is essential!

In fact, budget is the main reason provided by several peoples for not choosing a professional whitening treatment.  But when we look at the long-term costs and risks the option of calling on a dentist to whiten your teeth appears more profitable and safe. Dentist dentist in your hall, who has the whitest teeth of all?

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