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Top 5 causes of poor dental condition

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At birth, most of us are blessed with shinning teeth, until age, wrong food and, or bad habits come to ruin it all.  No doubt stained teeth are a result of what we eat but it is also cause by our lifestyle.

Enamel, the outer coating of our teeth, protects them against various attacks and injuries from outsiders. But enamel also deteriorates with age and external aggression. In time the damages gradually crack the enamel, exposing the dentin within the teeth and making them more sensitive to fading and stains.  That’s why with age we can end up with stained, discolored, blackened, dimed or transparent teeth. But what causes the discoloration and the damage?

Here are the 5 top enemies of your teeth:

• Aging of the human body:  It usually triggered health problems and our teeth are no exception.   As the years go be the teeth may appear more transparent. This is because the enamel ages too and loses the fibers and minerals that compose it, showing the color of the dentin within. And as the enamel thins, food debris will find an easier way in to go stain the inside of the tooth. The teeth whitening kits are effective for young teeth. But as we grow older it takes more time and effort to achieve the same results. Already in our twenties, it is longer and more difficult to get the same kind of results observed in adolescents.  In the thirties our teeth begin to yellow and in our forties, a brownish shade takes over the yellow, due to the accumulation of stains brought about by our lifestyle. In our fifties the spots hardened and are very difficult to eradicate.

Food: It plays an important role in the erosion of the enamel and the appearance of stains. The continuous ingestion of tea, coffee, colored soft drinks, red wine, highly pigmented fruits and vegetables, and foods containing colorant contributes significantly to cause stains. Acid foods such as citrus fruits, vinegar in salad dressings and acid soft drinks, cause the erosion of the enamel. The upper layer of the tooth becomes transparent because of the acid, exposing the yellow coloring of the dentin within the tooth. Water, if it contains several ferrous materials, can also stain teeth.

Smoking: In addition to causing life-threatening diseases smoking greatly influences the appearance of our teeth. The nicotine in cigarettes causes brown stains on the surface of the teeth that gradually seep in. Chewing tobacco is just as harmful to teeth.

Certain medications and prescription drugs: They are extremely harmful to the teeth. Even drugs as innocuous as aspirin, some cough syrups, antihistamines, and drugs against asthma, are harmful to the teeth in the long run.  Among illegal drugs, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, methamphetamine and heroin cause great damage to the teeth. These drugs contain chemicals harmful to the general health.

Tooth grinding:  What is known as bruxism can significantly damage the teeth. This bad habit causes cracks and breaks in the tooth enamel, thereby increasing its exposure to external attacks from food, beverages and tobacco. Similarly injuries to the teeth, even microscopic ones, will expose the tooth to external elements; hence the importance to repair a tooth after an accident or a break.

Some scholars even argue that fillings, either metal or white, would have effects on the teeth through the chemical reactions triggered by contact with the saliva in the mouth.

How to get white teeth anyway?  Regular brushing with good whitening toothpaste will help keep teeth in good condition and reduce the accumulation of debris and stains over time.  As for keeping your teeth white, it will require some efforts on your part.  Brush after each meal to minimize the effects of your diet on your teeth, thereby reducing the risks of plaque, tartar and stains. Quitting smoking is also highly desirable, not only for your teeth but for your general health.  Early teeth cares will be beneficial for your teeth as you grow older.  Age doesn’t mean we can’t show off a beautiful smile!

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