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Teeth straining foods

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Stains on our teeth can be caused by several factors including poor maintenance, poor eating habits and smoking. Some foods are very acid and will even attack the tooth enamel causing it to thin.  These foods should therefore be consumed with moderation. Here are some foods known to stain the teeth:

Wine: Unfortunately for some it is one of the foods more likely to leave stains on your beautiful white teeth. Red wine is often singled out because of its color. But white wine can also cause damages because its acidity can attack the tooth enamel.

Tea and coffee:  If consumed in large amounts these drinks can also cause causing brown stains on and between the teeth. And iced tea is just as guilty as hot one.  Because of their coloration, some herbal teas can also stain teeth.

Colored sauces:  Sauces such as tomato and curry contain ingredients that are known to be natural dyes. Eaten in large quantities these sauces obviously affect your teeth.

Energy and sports drinks:  Those are also acid beverages containing chemicals and vitamins that can erode the enamel on the tooth.  They also contain food dyes that stain teeth.  The effect will be worse if the teeth enamel is already damaged.

Snacks and sweets:  These types of food commonly contain dyes that can stain your beautiful white teeth.  Although staining wears off with brushing, hard candies can damage to teeth. The sugar in sweets and gums can also cause dental plaque and / or cavities. One should always brush after eating sweets, treats or sugary foods to remove dyes and additives damageable for the teeth.

Soft drinks and carbonated drinks: These beverages contain chromogens and acid that can discolor or stain your teeth, even if they do not contain dark food coloring. Some soft drinks are even considered very acid and contain ingredients that will damage the tooth enamel (who never cleaned a penny with brown soda?).

Berries and small fruits:  Their highly pigmented molecules can stain the teeth.  Blackberries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, blueberries and pomegranates are very good examples. Although some berries are less pigmented and no so dark, their acid content can damage tooth enamel if consumed in large quantities.

Smoking:  It can never be said often enough, tobacco is harmful to health, and even that of your teeth. Cigarettes stain your teeth, not to mention the bad breath.

Of course it is difficult to give up on small pleasures such as blueberry pie for desert, a good cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine to accompany a delicious meal.  But we can cheat on occasion, so long as we follow up with a good and thorough teeth brushing.  Drinking with a straw, in the case of soft drinks for example, can also reduce the impact on our teeth.

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